March 16, 2016 ­ The Mountain Shop

  • ­AR: thanks for showing up to public meetings. ­
  • Hermit Park work days: we will send out a sign up soon, but work day on Aug 6 th , rain day Aug 27 th ­
  • Highway 7 and other updates: construction on Highway 7 to start this fall, but no resurfacing until this spring. First priority is storm water drainage fixes. However, CDOT is aware of bike and pedestrian needs associated with the project. Suggested that EPCC puts together a letter to send to Rich Christie, CDOT project director. ­
  • Dry Gulch project is moving forward, updates were provided by various members. ­
  • Kim Sliniger with EVRPD: provided update on Trails Master Plan ­
    • Connectivity is the focus
    • ­Biggest priority: safe and secure access to RMNP through downtown ­
    • Other connections: Spur 66 multi­use trail idea to connect to Aspen Brooke trail.
    • ­Factors: Is it feasible? Available resources?
    • ­$670,000 in account currently for building trails thanks to mill levy. Will try to leverage funds with GOCO and other options. Maintaining existing trails is a priority as well.
    • ­Closed meeting with USFS, Boulder County, etc. on southern end of EVRPD. Possible connection with Front Range? ­
    • Master Plan also includes Trail Standards, i.e. erosion controls, grades. Much more stringent than USFS standards. Anything above 10% is much more difficult to maintain. ­
    • Trails Master Plan product: dynamic document at end of May that allows prioritization. Provides credence with funding sources moving forward. ­
    • Next Trails MP meeting: April 28 th , 5­7pm (?) Town Hall ­
    • Another product is a map of existing trail ­
  • Ride the Rockies: Bike wash station, parking and traffic support, baggage, food/beverage provider, booth, fun activity for the riders. ­Club decided bike washing station and a booth ­
  • YMCA: Trek rental retailer, would maybe rent bikes one day. ­
  • Bikes on shuttle buses: hard with insurance on the leased shuttles, but potentially on the trolleys?
  • ­Bike Park update: currently 9 people on the committee. RFP in progress, short list of 10 or so bike park designers. Next firm step: get a design, then go to EVRPD and Town Board to build out. ­
  • Next EPCC monthly membership meeting: April 20 th , 6.30pm, Rock Cut Brewing 

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