5.14.14 Bike Meeting Notes

Item #1 Fun activity re-scheduled

Item #2- Bike to work Bike to play

Bike to work

    • Alicia Mittleman, Belle Morris and Mark Kougl presented
    • Last years attendance was 110, 200 is the goal for this year
    • Articles in the paper to be published weekly
    • Lynn S. of EPCC will be writing an article
    • CDOT information was passed out by Greg Sampson
    • Flat repair clinic will be presented by Thad Eggen on BtW day
    • A costume party is in the plans, TBA
    • Erica and Greg are working on posters

Bike to Play

Ideas and areas of need:

    • Bike Mechanics and Bike racks
Item #3 Advocacy on 34 and 36
  • Erica Goad shared with us that Jared Polis is on board
  • At this point we need to send letters to CDOT
  • Pass the letter Erica wrote on to town of Estes Park, other bike clubs, Business owners (Lodging Association, Restaurant Association, and Estes Valley Partners in Commerce) (letter can be found here: http://www.bikeestes.org/2014/05/02/epcc-us36-advocacy-we-need-your-help/ )

Item #4 Passing of the Presidency baton

  • Greg Sampson graciously stepped up to the plate and accepted the presidency position
  • Greg noted that we have enthusiasm, we are getting some structure & momentum, we have political support & involvement with the town & RMNP and our advocacy is having an impact. He is excited to see where we will go in the future and a great leader for EPCC. Welcome and thank him for his support when you see him.

Item #5 Bike Park presented by Erica Goad

  • Needs funding
  • Exist in master plan
  • Randy Biddle is reaching out to the designers and people responsible for Valmont bike park to explore design and funding ideas

Item #6 H bar G Ranch needs presented by Mark Thiess

  • Mark has contacted the owner’s daughter and son
  • Volunteer work is a little risky for them
  • Todd Plummer mentioned that due to our IMBA we might have insurance coverage for volunteers thus protecting property owners from any liability
  • Mark Thiess will present this to the owner and children and see if they would like to move forward with some road and trail work

Item #7 Lyons Gulch Volunteer work presented by Zenda Smith

Item #8 High School Team

  • Forrest Service Closure of Crosier Mt is a serious problem
  • Closure due to use of parking lot by CDOT for Highway 43 repair
  • Forrest service has been very amiable and professional, limited man power and funds has severely restricted their ability to quickly open trails
  • Opening the forest service trails is a high priority with EPCC
  • Volunteers are needed, requirements are a background check (to be paid for by volunteer)
  • Season runs August through mid-October
  • High School students have made a movie titled Single Track High possible fundraiser opportunity with a premier…
  • Tuesday May 20th at 11:20 there will be a meet and greet in HS room 303 with High School Team

Item #9 Logo

  • Many great ideas were submitted
  • A giant brain storming session was held and a design inspired by entries and artwork by Zenda Smith was developed by Stefaan Van Damme (whose technical and graphical expertise amazed everyone)
  • Much discussion was held regarding our brand name, website name and “club name”
  • Website has been moved to bikeestes.org, this is also our brand name (easy to read and remember, and our motto)
  • Estes Park Cycling Coalition will remain our “club name”
  • T-shirts are in the works
  • A jersey design submitted by the Cramers will be re-visited soon

Next meeting will be Wednesday June 11th


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