PWV is asking for the public’s help in rebuilding bridges and trail that were destroyed on the Lion Gulch trail near Estes Park. Restoration Days will be on May 24 and 25. If you are interested in helping, please see the Trail Restoration sign-up link at the end of this article.

Many of the trails in the Forest were seriously damaged in the floods last year. North Fork and Lions Gulch were virtually destroyed. Currently both trails are closed and are not planned to opened until next year. PWV plans to assist the Forest Service in restoring both of these trails this summer. North Fork is not yet ready for us to begin work on but the PWV Trail crew has started working on the Lions Gulch trail in preparation for public restoration work days.

PWV is hosting a Restoration Work Days on Lions Gulch May 24 and 25. We are inviting the public in to help us start the rebuilding of the Lions Gulch Trail. The trail is now closed and requires major work to enable the Forest Service to open it again to the public.

All levels of assistance are needed. We will be using tools to work on drainage issues, also moving rocks to create water dams, using down trees to help with soil preservation, building new trail and repairing existing trail. The goal is to create a safe experience for hikers and to stabilize the trail. We also need folks who can provide support functions such as tool check-out, signing in of volunteers and other support.

Later in the summer we plan additional work days on both Lions Gulch and North Fork trails. PWV has tentative plans for public work days on June 14 and 15 and at least one in Mid July. Other work days will scheduled if needed.

So if you like playing in the dirt and with big rocks come on our and join us in rebuilding these trails. Once you have built a trail you will never look at one the same.

You may sign up for a public work day at:

You must be at least 18 years old.

If you have any questions either email Mike Corbin at or call him at 970-221-1492.

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  1. Stefaan Van Damme 5 years ago

    Can’t make it.

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