1. Erica Goad kicked off the fun activity with a Pictionary + Telegraph game: many fun (if not slightly disturbing) drawings were shared

2. Mike Lewelling shared with us information regarding an update on Canyon Lakes Ranger District

  • they are excited to have us help with trail clean-up @ Crosier Mt. area issues are volunteer parking- ideas and locations were shared
  • Glenn Case was elected to stay in touch with Kevin Cannon, our Wilderness and Trails Coordinator on Canyon Lakes Ranger District
  • Mark Thiess will contact H bar G Ranch to see what help they might need
  • A google doodle survey will be created to find a time and date that works best for volunteer efforts at H bar G

3. Mark Kougl presented on Bike to Work and Bike to Play days

  • BtW has been extended to be more inclusive and longer (a week instead of a day)
  • This event is an enormous joint effort with RMNP, the Town and Hospital as well as area businesses
  • EPCC is very interested in getting our name on the event via volunteer help and organization (We have $4 to donate to efforts too..:)
  • Activities proposed but not limited to:
    • A medical center challenge for business and their employees (most employees biking to work, miles, etc.)
    • Sponsored rides in the park
    • A children’s ride on the 21st at 9 AM
    • Bike rodeo for kids
    • Cycling safety clinics
    • Repair clinics
  • Some ideas brought up
    • High school team to help with kid’s rodeo
    • Articles in the paper
    • Volunteers to help with bike tune-ups
    • Semi-pro teams involvement
    • EPCC getting involved with safety clinics
    • EPCC advertisement- we could use these events to get our name out there, increase membership, and get some positive two wheeled changes enacted
  • Contacts for Bike to Work Bike for Play are:
    • Mark Kougl- RMNP
    • Kate Rusch- town
    • Frank Lancaster- town
    • Belle Morris- town, Transportation Advisory Committee

4. A few members mentioned a need for a logo

  • There are many t-shirt and embroidery outfits who can help us
  • Walt Hester may have a jersey company for us
  • Logo Competition to be announced on Facebook for next meeting May 14

5. Belle Morris presented on the TAC

  • With the construction of 36 and 34 well underway it is imperative that we make our voices heard about creating highways that are biker friendly
  • Information will be posted on fb and web page regarding how we can contact:
    • Senators Udall and Bennet
    • Governor Hickenlooper
    • County Commissioners
  • Despite the fact that bike friendly highways are in the plans, the gov. is not required to build them- Our elected officials need to hear our voices about bike friendly roads
  • Thad Eggen will draft an EPCC letter that we can sign and send to the above mentioned officials
  • Erica Goad will contact bike clubs in Longmont, Boulder and Loveland to drum-up their support so that the bike friendly highways are “supported” from both ends

6. Greg Sampson presented on the Bike Friendly Community Application for Estes Park

  • Purpose of this application is to go to TAC and Town with a third party assessment of how “bike friendly” our community is
  • Josh has posted the link on our website
  • Anyone (everyone) can contribute by taking the survey

7. Greg Sampson also presented on IMBA

  • We are now chartered through IMBA
  • Received some cool thingies: stickers, magazines
  • We need to keep track of our volunteer hours and record/post these to IMBA
  • We need to hunt down the best organization to join for the road bike element, Erica Goad mentioned People for Bikes

8. A dirt church and road ride has been proposed for Lyons

  • Lyons has been proposed
  • Meet afterwards at Oskar Blues to rehydrate and refuel
  • Kids and a few parents to play in between laps at park across street/highway

9. Miscellaneous

  • Alternate meeting site for June-August- possibly youth center
  • H Bar G help- Mark Thiess will contact H Bar G about what they need help with and we will organize a volunteer crew on our end
  • Next Meeting May 14th at the Twin Owls Steakhouse (Garden Room, 7 PM)



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