This meeting focused on Bike to work day

  • Alicia Mittleman presented a power point over Estes Park’s bike to work day last year
  • The steering committee for this year’s event will be meeting on April 3rd from 10 AM- Noon in room 105 at the Town Building
  • EPCC unanimously agreed to help this year
  • Ideas generated were: post on website and facebook page, have a booth, hand-out schwag, hold group road and mt. bike rides the following Thursday and Friday, provide more mechanics and bike stands, safety equipment give-away, help with promotion in papers, help with Police department educational efforts, assist with parking for bikes

Belle Morris from the Transportation Advisory Committee: Presentation of Town’s street plans and FLAP

  • Belle Morris presented on the planned re-structuring of the Main street(s) of Estes Park
  • This is a critical time for EPCC, as we need to advocate for the addition of bike friendly lanes on the streets
  • The next meeting will be March 19th from 12-2 in room 202 in the Town Building: the meetings generally open for public input at the end
  • Additionally we should e-mail our town trustees and give them our input (Let’s make Estes Park more bike friendly!, We need bike lanes throughout town!, We need signs alerting motorist to the presence of cyclist!)
  • Additional note from Belle: a bike shoulder has been mandated for highway 36. It is important that we contact our state representatives and keep their feet to the fire with regards to this matter. Does anyone have time to put together a list of their names and e-mails so we can write them?

Erica Gould presented on recent developments in the Estes Valley Trail Committee

  • The repairs on Fish Creek Trail may take 12-14 months
  • A connector trail from Cheley camp to Fish Creek Trail is in the planning stage
  • Parks and Recreation are pursuing grants for trail repair
  • A lake Estes trail clean-up day has been scheduled for May 10th near the bird sanctuary (Erica will be able to firm up the time for us, it is safe to assume a start time of mid-morning)

Greg Sampson presented on the experiences of bike race organizer and trail developer Mike Mac from Breckenridge area

  • Cyclist from all groups need to focus on developing a positive image and attempt to soften our “extreme/hardcore/selfish” image
  • Proposed trails need to be presented as multi-use trails and not as bike only trails
  • Efforts need to be made on educating motorist on how to pass cyclist
  • It is in the best interest of EPCC to work with as many interest groups as possible
  • Focusing and promoting how biking raises the quality of life is important and useful for promoting our cause to politicians and land managers (pictures of smiling kids, and families is good for everyone)
  • We need to develop as many political in-roads as possible
  • IMBA is a great asset but should not be allowed to take-over a project or program
  • It is useful to meet with land owners and managers
  • Ft. Collins is a leading influence on the biking culture of CO; their political direction and knowledge is underdeveloped by comparison

John MacGrath brought up that Marty from Breakaway Cycles in Loveland would be interested in offering a 10% discount with EPCC

Glenn Case inspired a pass-the-hat collection so we could join IMBA  ($50)

Greg Sampson, agreed to collect the funds and purchase the membership & on 3/13/14 he has registered EPCC with IMBA

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  1. Stefaan Van Damme 5 years ago

    I like the discount idea 🙂 If we accept such offer, are we limited to one store ? And if we accept an offer we have to start making membership cards 😉

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