This is a network of 4×4 forest service roads. There are many different ways you can ride this, and there is a lot more here than what is mapped. There are some steep climbs and some exhilarating downhills. The little “speed bumps” that the forest services builds into the roads are great for when you’re on a downhill (catch some air!). This ride provides some beautiful scenery, grandiose views and some peaceful tranquility.

Do this trail in the summer and you may have to share it with a jeep or two, no big deal. But, the forest service closes this road for winter to motorized vehicles. Be on the lookout for those awesome Colorado days in the middle of the winter that are 60 degrees and come hit this trail. You’ll likely have it to yourself!

The northernmost section of this road provides the most spectacular views looking west over the Estes Park valley and into Rocky Mountain National Park. This section of the road also passes through “the Notch” which is a major outcropping of boulders.


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