EPCC 5.20.15 meeting notes

  1. Belle Morris updated the group on the Transportation Advisory Board

    1. A study has been initiated on improving Dry Gulch

    2. a bike lane was requested

    3. a sidewalk has been proposed

    4. proposed increase to width of road

    5. proposed tunnel under Highway 34

    6. please send any comments, supporting or encouraging letters to Belle Morris at bellesmorris@hotmail.com

  2. Jason Bertolachi from IMBA came up to answer some questions about EPCC becoming an IMBA chapter. We will be voting next meeting, June 17th, on whether or not to become an IMBA chapter. Please read the pros and cons below:


  • An easy way to achieve 501c3 status without $1000 dollars in legal fees and around a hundred hours of volunteer time, which brings lots of benefits including the ability to accept tax-deductible donations

  • Membership drive; IMBA will handle the annual membership renewal

  • Business tools such as: membership statistics, connections with government agencies, fundraising ideas and initiatives, industry connections, know how: trail building, bike friendly communities, guidance and counsel with difficult political situations, mailing list

  • Ability to maintain our mission and vision (we are a unitarian church of cyclist: roadies, mountain bikes, fat tires and tag-a-longs accepted)

  • Contacts to help us obtain Liability Insurance.

  • Access to Bike Park Designers (Needed for our Stanley Park project.)

  • Allows us to be more effective and efficient with our outreach and communication to our members

  • Will give us some more credibility, clout and help us to be more official


  • image- International Mountain Biking Association

  • membership cost $30 + $20 donation (average donation)

  • Membership revenues split 60% to IMBA, 40% to EPCC

  • Requires that our Club obtain Liability Insurance at an approximate cost of $500/yr.

  • Initial application fee of $500 for EPCC

  • EPCC will have to file tax information each year

3. Rick Life talked about the Courage Classic- “The Courage Classic Bicycle Tour is a fully supported, three-day bicycle event that provides everything you need along the way.

Great food and drink will fuel your ride through various route options including over Vail Pass, Hoosier Pass, and through Breckenridge. Help ensure that the children in our communities and their families will never be turned away from the help they might need in the case of sexual or physical abuse.” http://www.childrenscoloradofoundation.org/courage-classic

Rick Life and Walt Hester are excited to do this with some other folks this year, if you are interested in joining them contact Rick at rlife@estes.org

4. Erica Goad reported that there will be a public process associated with the Estes Valley Recreation and Parks District comprehensive trails master planning effort.  Public input will be gathered this summer and fall and with the master plan reaching completion in Spring 2016. Stay tuned for information regarding public input.

5. EPCC discussed trail and road rides. Now that that it is warming-up, post any group rides you may have planned on fb, or have a fellow EPCC member post for you.

6. Alicia Mittleman shared some details about Bike to Work/Bike to Play week.

  • She informed us that Zach Zehr and the Estes Park Mountain Shop will be offering a bike maintenance workshop at the Mountain Shop on June 17th at 5:30.

  • The official Bike to Work Day morning events will be June 24th from 6 AM to 9 AM at the Visitor Center.  Please attend!!

More information to follow via fb and email!


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